Our machines guarantee the unique softness and compactness of all our products, thanks to the seamless, double layer construction in the heel zone. We produce Women’s / Men’s / Children’s cotton footsies, cotton ballerina footsies, Q-Skin bacteriostatic footsies, Q-Skin bacteriostatic lace trim footsies, lace footsies, Silk/wool footsies, Parallel footsie, basic fishnet ankle highs, fishnet footsies, Q-Skin Women's sport socks, Q-Skin Men's sport socks, Q-nova footsies, Open toe footsies, open toe footsie with ABS, disposable socks, stretch nylon footsies, mini footsie for slingbacks, mini footsie for mules, sewn tip for mules, mini footsie for slingbacks with invisible elastic, bamboo footsies, micro elastomer footsies.

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